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Queensland Government | Platinum Sponsor

The Department of Education is committed to ensuring Queenslanders have the education and confidence they need to make a positive contribution to our state. We are delivering world-class education services for Queenslanders at every stage of their development – from early years to the transition into the workforce. Education is Queensland’s future. We are working together to improve learning outcomes for students and prepare them to take advantage of the opportunities of a knowledge-based economy and contribute to Queensland’s prosperity. We want:

  • every child making a confident start;
  • every student succeeding; and
  • to ensure safe, productive and fair workplaces.

Advancing education: An action plan for education in Queensland puts our students on the path to success. Advancing education is supported by implementation of initiatives in the Schools of the future: A strategy for STEM in Queensland state schools which focuses on engaging young Queenslanders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and #codingcounts: A plan for coding and robotics in Queensland state schools which supports students to be digital creators and innovators.

With over 1 million students and children, 17,000 school buildings, 1240 state schools, 2900 early years service providers and our regional offices, the Department of Education is working across Queensland to improve educational outcomes and workplace safety.

Advance Queensland 

Advance Queensland is our vision for the future and our investment in a stronger Queensland economy.

Funding of $650 million is supporting programs that drive innovation, build on our natural advantages, and help raise our profile as an attractive investment destination.

Advance Queensland was launched in July 2015 with a vision of fostering innovation and building a more diversified Queensland economy.

By investing in people, we are tackling today’s challenges and grasping tomorrow’s opportunities, diversifying the economy, building our knowledge base, and giving future generations of Queenslanders the skills and education they need to succeed.

Building a stronger and more diversified Queensland economy will create jobs now and in the future, make our industries more competitive, and support our businesses to start, grow and employ.

In partnership with all Queenslanders, Advance Queensland is building the future of Queensland.


Queensland University of Technology | Conference Supporter

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a major Australian university with a global outlook and a real-world focus. We are one of the nation’s fastest growing research universities and our courses are in high demand. Our graduates include eight Rhodes Scholars, five of these awarded in the past six years.

We are an ambitious and collaborative institution that seeks to equip our students and graduates with the skills they’ll need in an increasingly disrupted and challenged world. We are transforming the student experience we offer our 50,000 students and we place a premium on the international and national accreditation of our various professional degrees.

Our internationally award-winning Science and Engineering Centre is home to The Cube, acknowledged as one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces. We established the world’s first Creative Industries Faculty, and we invest heavily in collaborative learning and interdisciplinary research environments.


LEGO Education | Silver Sponsor

For more than 35 years, LEGO Education has provided playful learning experiences that combine relevant curriculum materials, the LEGO System of bricks, teacher training and professional development with our unique teaching and hands-on learning principles. Through our continuum of rich STEM-based solutions, we are helping teachers to develop successful students who are eager to learn in-depth about STEM subjects while developing strong 21st century skills. Working together, we can empower every child to turn their natural curiosity into creative solutions. We can channel their natural enthusiasm and self-belief, provide them with the freedom to explore and encourage teamwork and collaboration. Our children inhabit an unpredictable world that is full of ever-changing expectations. If we can’t predict the future, we must be ready to build it.


Queensland STEM Education Network | Delegate Sponsor

The Queensland STEM Education Network (QSEN) is a consortium of Queensland Universities providing a range of high quality programs and initiatives designed to build STEM capacity across the state. It has been instrumental in coordinating state-wide collaboration in STEM education and the sharing best practice between Universities, the Department of Education and Training, Office of the Chief Scientist, various Teacher and other key stakeholders in STEM education in Queensland. The network was launched with the aid of funding from the Federal Government’s Australian Maths and Science Partnership Program (AMSPP).

The QSEN has been raising community awareness of the importance of STEM education and STEM careers through active engagement with those in position to influence or advise school students, including parents, teachers, guidance officers, careers advisors, work experience coordinators and the broader community. Through this network, Queensland universities have been providing positive earning experience through the provision of access to expertise, resources and infrastructure.


Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT) | Delegate Sponsor

Since 1922, Queensland teachers of Mathematics have been supporting each other to enhance the quality of mathematics teaching through their membership of QAMT. Our members are drawn from all levels of schooling – pre-school to tertiary – and from all systems – state, Catholic, and independent. We also have members from interstate and overseas. Through professional development activities, our professional and student journals, and our competitions for students, members keep up-to-date with issues of mathematics teaching, and gain support for developing their students’ love of mathematics.


Science Teachers Association of Queensland (STAQ) | Delegate Sponsor

The Science Teachers’ Association of Queensland is the professional association of teachers of science in Queensland. As a non-profit organisation we rely on funding from our membership, professional development conferences, and the generosity of sponsors in order to co-ordinate activities that support science education, teachers of science and students.
Our members include teachers at primary, secondary and tertiary level, as well as others interested in supporting science education in Queensland. STAQ is also a member association of the Australian Science Teachers’ Association (ASTA) which represents science education nationally.
Activities of the organisation are undertaken through a small part-time staff, and the voluntary efforts of STAQ Executive, Council, Members and supporters.


Hawker Brownlow Education | Conference Exhibitor 

Hawker Brownlow Education is Australia’s leading provider of educational resources to support school improvement, leadership and quality teaching practices. For over 27 years, we have supported teachers and administrators to have a high impact on student achievement from Foundation to Year 12. Our resources provide teachers with the skills needed to integrate content and technology into innovative, research-based, contemporary learning environments. These high-quality products and services are supported by our professional learning division, Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions, which provides training and in-school support to enhance student learning and quality teaching in schools.


Lioncrest Education | Conference Exhibitor 

Lioncrest Education provides the highest quality educational resources for teachers and students. We are proud to present Literacy resources like the exciting Engage Literacy program, Collins Big Cat, CSI Literacy, Rising Stars Reading Planet, The Joy Cowley Club, Switched On Computing and Switched on Minecraft, to name a few. We now have Marty the Robot and other excellent STEM and digital resources.

Your local Educational Consultant would be delighted to visit to advise you on our resources, FREEcall 1800 249 727 to arrange an appointment or check


Nelson Secondary | Conference Exhibitor 

Nelson Secondary publishes award winning textbooks, teacher resources and digital materials designed to meet the curriculum requirements of the State and Federal Governments in Australia and New Zealand for all years of secondary education.


NewSpec | Conference Exhibitor 

In a partnership between NewSpec and Hitachi High Technologies, supported by The University of Queensland, an initiative has been launched to inspire and enrich learning experiences for Queensland students. Nano-technology is referred to as the next technical revolution; it is expected to impact every part of our modern lives. Despite its key role in many industries, is it a field that most students know little about. The gap between the skills available and the technical skills required for STEM careers will impact directly upon our ability to find solutions for many of the world’s problems (Hitachi, 2017).

It is rare for students to gain hands on access to this level of technology however Hitachi’s TM4000, a desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) has made it possible, enabling schools to have it visit them onsite.

The TM4000 illustrates to all ages and fields of interest that there is more to our surroundings than what we see naturally – A whole new world is opened up when something of interest is viewed at another level. To explore more deeply, putting objects discovered into the SEM feeds curiosities and enriches the learning experience.


STELR | Conference Exhibitor 

STELR is a ready-to-use STEM resource that:

  • Is hands-on, inquiry-based, and in-curriculum;
  • Is supported by purpose-built equipment sets;
  • Shows students that science and maths are relevant to their lives;
  • Increases student enthusiasm for and engagement with STEM subjects;
  • Provides career profiles that highlight the study pathways necessary for jobs in STEM-related industries.

STELR is an initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). ATSE is committed to advancing STEM Education.

Teachers review STELR:


Texas Instruments | Conference Exhibitor 

At Texas Instruments we work with teachers to understand how we can help improve the ways they teach important concepts to their students. Our goal is to engage students in STEM – setting them up for success in the classroom today, in university tomorrow and in exciting future STEM careers. Learn more at


TV4Education | Conference Exhibitor 

TV4Education is an amazing tool for all educators to address the gap in educational material to address the digitally savvy and connected students. You start with –

1. An existing digital library of 180,000+ TV, Foxtel and other professional Vodcast & Podcast files specifically chosen by your colleagues across all age and curriculum levels.
2. A library collection less than 6 years old.
3. A service where you can request programs from any TV or Foxtel broadcast – without exception.
4. A library free of all advertisements.
5. A library where you can also add content from YouTube free of all the YouTube website distractions.
6. An interactive lesson builder to build lessons from any number of snippets from any number of video files including snippets from YouTube.
7. A system that provides usage tracking and reporting to bring accountability back into the education process.

With more than just videos, TV4Education is the biggest and best video learning tool!