STEM in Education Conferences: History

The First International STEM in Education conference was held at QUT in 2010. This aroused a lot of international interest culminating in the formation of a worldwide consortia of universities namely: Beijing Normal University, University of British Columbia and QUT. This conference was then very successfully hosted biennially by member universities in their home country. With increasing interest in the STEM in Education agenda, by 2016 this group had expanded to 7 universities to include the following: Northeast Normal University, China; Southwest University, China; University of Sydney; and University of Calgary.

In the last seven years, the International STEM in Education conference has provided an excellent opportunity for educators and researchers from schools, universities, colleges, businesses, industries and other private and public agencies to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives that may advance STEM education.

We hope that many of you can participate in 2018!

Click below for details on the last four conferences:

1st International
STEM In Education Conference 2010
2nd International 
STEM In Education Conference 2012
3rd International STEM In Education Conference 2014 4th International
STEM In Education Conference 2016